About us

Since its establishment in 1994 Credinform provides information services that help minimize business risks of activities in Russia and abroad.

Long-term partnership with well-known foreign companies having extensive global representation network helps us provide B2B information services in any corner of the world.

Credinform is a source of up-to-date information for business development and support. Successful Russian and international companies trust our products.

1994 Establishment of Information Agency Credinform

Our company provides business reports on companies registered in Russia and abroad.

1996 Development of debt collection line

Pre-court debt repayment in Russia and abroad via Creditreform network.

1997 Creation of analytical line

Foreign companies operating in the Russian market take the most interest in analytical reviews.

1998 Issuing of corporate magazine

The first issue of our quarterly information and analytical magazine “Creditreform-Northwest”.

2001 Start of cooperation with Bureau van Dijk

Development of databases creation. Participation in international projects by Bureau van Dijk - Orbis, Amadeus, Oriana - as information provider.

2005 Launch of Ruslana

The product developed by Bureau van Dijk in collaboration with Credinform as information provider. Ruslana contains data on companies in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, as well as tools for market prices monitoring (transfer pricing) and tools to conduct complex economic analysis.

2006 Launch of Credinform.Online

Information system Credinform. Online, a daily updated database of economic information on Russian companies, started its operation.

2009 Representative office of Credinform in Moscow

Credinform starts developing its regional network by opening a representative office in Moscow.

2010 Recognition by professional community

Credinform won the competition “Quality warranty – compass of choice 2010”.
Credinform won the nomination “Anti-crisis development” of the annual competition “Business that develops the region”.

2011 A new analytical development

Credinform introduced Solvency index Globas.

2012 Launch of Globas! system

We have developed Information and Analytical system Globas! based on Credinform.Online. We extended System’s functionality and created a modern interface.

2013 Development of cooperation with CIS

The System Globas was enriched with data on companies from neighboring countries. Users from CIS companies join Globas.

2014 20 years of Credinform’s success!

Credinform extends its presence in the media landscape by increasing the number of media publications.
Our employees hold regular webinars for users of Globas system to improve their skills of working in the System.

2015 Time to share experience

Credinform takes an active part in educational programs of universities, training centers, postgraduate courses for specialists in economic security.

2016 Participation in international programs

Credinform joins international professional associations of business information providers.

2017 Creation of Credinform Business Academy

By invitation of leading higher educational institutions, specialists of Credinform Business Academy take part in conferences, round tables, study groups, hold practical training and master classes for students, share their experience of experts and specialists in various fields of business activity.

2018 Participation in conferences and business forums

Credinform widely participates in events for experts in compliance and risk management.

2019 25 years Credinform

A quarter century ago Credinform began to promote business transparency and information support for entrepreneurs. Having become the first company on the Russian market offering counterparties check in Russia, CIS and worldwide, Credinform shares the experience with clients and Globas users.

Credinform with its many years of experience and state-of-the-art technology possesses unique know-how to analyze solvency, manage receivables, and check counterparty’s reliability

Our core product, Information and Analytical system Globas, is intended to give an integrated analysis of corporate data and minimize business risks. Credinform provides easy access to the system and 24/7 professional support.