As an exclusive information provider and partner of electronic databases publisher Bureau van Dijk in Russia, Credinform offers to take a look at Ruslana database capabilities.

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Ruslana — united area
for prosperous business

Ruslana is an extensive source of corporate information. Access to over 12,3 million companies of Russia, 2,7 million companies in Ukraine and 500 thousand companies in Kazakhstan provides reliable information support for efficient marketing and accurate analysis.

Due to several dozens of search criteria, it is possible to find companies by exclusive parameters, create and unload lists of companies for marketing activities, update counterparties database. Saving user settings allows returning to complicated search requests in seconds.

Unique analytical tools provide creation of documents for transfer pricing, analytical reports, forecasts, calculation of credit risks, counterparties potential assessment.

Ruslana is:

  • full financial accounts
  • maximum data content
  • history of changes
  • associated companies and beneficiaries
  • intuitive interfaceс
  • unique analytical capabilities
  • transfer pricing module

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