Net profit ratio of the largest asset and securities management companies of Russia

ranking 12/04/2016

Information agency Credinform prepared the ranking of the largest asset and securities management companies of Russia.

The organizations with the highest volume of revenue were selected for the ranking according to the data from the Statistical Register for the latest available period (for the year 2014). These enterprises were ranked by decrease in net profit ratio.

The net profit ratio (%) is calculated as the relation of net profit (loss) to sales revenue. The ratio shows to what extent the company's sales have been profitable.

There is no specified value for the mentioned ratio that is why it is recommended to compare enterprises of one branch or the time variation of the ratio relative to a certain enterprise. If the indicator is negative, it points to the fact that a company has net loss. The higher is the indicator, the more efficiently the company operates.

For getting of the most comprehensive and fair picture of company’s standing it is necessary to pay attention not only to values of financial ratios, but also to all combination of financial and non-financial data.

Table 1. Revenue, net profit and net profit ratio of the largest asset and securities management companies (TOP-10)
Name, INN, regionRevenue for 2014, ths RUBRevenue for 2014 to 2013, %%Net profit for 2014, ths RUBNet profit ratio for 2013, %Net profit ratio for 2014, %Solvency index Globas-i®
INN 7708730590, Moscow
177 083 593 108 11 868 763 3,18 6,70 205 High
INN 7727529262, Moscow region
81 809 347 103 1 753 026 1,17 2,14 550 Unsatisfactory
INN 7730095858, Moscow
239 442 646 173 4 561 163 0,37 1,90 199 The highest
INN 7710619750, Moscow
149 710 552 71 227 679 -0,01 0,15 298 High
INN 7708729065, Moscow
441 234 425 70 455 846 0,02 0,10 259 High
INN 7703585780, Moscow
10 909 966 583 71 8 646 709 0,01 0,08 205 High
INN 7840471255, Saint-Petersburg
461 646 367 175 96 251 -0,03 0,02 312 Satisfactory
INN 7728530221, Moscow
145 709 932 56 -3 584 0,00 0,00 319 Satisfactory
INN 7725840320,  Moscow
93 918 704  - 2 313  -  - 269 High
INN 7708636639, Moscow region
142 494 225 31 -1 272 888 0,02 -0,89 328 Satisfactory

The absolute leader of the TOP-10 in terms of revenue for 2014 - VTB KAPITAL NJSC - is on the 6th place of the ranking. The share of this company in total revenue of TOP-10 made 85%. OTKRYTIE KHOLDING PJSC has the highest net profit ratio 6.7%. For ALGORITMINVEST LLC the ratio value was not calculated due to the fact that the enterprise was established in 2014 and accounting data for the previous period are not available.

The cumulative sales result of TOP-10 companies for 2014 amounted to 12,8 trillion rubles or 73% of the figure for 2013. Herewith the largest relative drop in revenue in 2014 compared to 2013 is observed by URSA KAPITAL LLC. The same company is the only one in the TOP-10 with a negative value of the net profit ratio in 2014.

Seven companies from the TOP-10 are registered in Moscow, that points to a high concentration of business on asset and securities management in one region of the country.

Picture 1. Net profit ratio, sales revenue of the largest asset and securities management companies (TOP-10)

Picture 1. Net profit ratio, sales revenue of the largest asset and securities management companies (TOP-10)

Six companies from the TOP-10 have the highest or high solvency index Globas-i®, that testifies to their ability to pay off their debts in time and fully.

SM KAPITAL LLC has unsatisfactory solvency index Globas-i® due to the presence of a significant number of arbitration proceedings, in which the organization acts as a defendant. In December 2015 the monitoring procedure were introduced in the company according to the decision of the Arbitration Court of Moscow Region.

For reference only:

One of the most important indicators, characterizing the property and financial status of organizations, is the cost of fixed assets (including intangible assets, long-term investments, construction in progress, deferred tax assets etc).

According to Rosstat, in 2010-2014 the value of fixed assets on a circle of Russian organizations, being irrelevant to small businesses, amounted to (thousand rubles):