TOP 10 electronic printed curcuit board manufacturers by asset turnover

ranking 05/07/2021

Information agency Credinform presents the ranking of Russian electronic printed circuit board manufacturers. The largest enterprises in the industry in terms of annual revenue for the last reporting periods available in the state statistics bodies and the Federal Tax Service (2018 - 2020) were selected for the ranking (TOP 10 and TOP 100). Then they were ranked by asset turnover (Table 1). Selection of companies and analysis were carried out based on data from the Information and Analytical system Globas.

Asset turnover (times) is the ratio of sales revenue to average value of company's total assets for a period. It characterizes efficiency of company's use of all available resources, regardless of sources they were raised.

The ratio of business activity shows how many times per year the full cycle of production and circulation is performed, generating the corresponding effect in the form of profit.

It is necessary to pay attention to the entire set of indicators and financial ratios to get the most complete and objective picture of enterprise's financial condition.

Table 1. Net profit, revenue, asset turnover, Globas solvency index of electronic printed circuit board manufacturers (TOP 10)
Name, INN, region Revenue, million rubles Net profit (loss), million rubles Asset turnover, times Globas Solvency Index
2019 2020 2019 2020 2019 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
INN 5075019826 Moscow region
up7 263 down4 887 up108 down10 up10,90 up13,43 286 High
INN 5044050047 Moscow
up290 up355 down16 up40 up2,20 up2,47 191 Superior
INN 7804552300 Saint Petersburg
down969 up2 069 down96 up224 down1,44 up2,08 241 High
INN 7814707257 Saint Petersburg
up455 down275 up40 up41 down4,12 down1,91 252 High
INN 7735122689 Moscow
up1 553 up1 884 down145 up161 down1,99 down1,88 152 Superior
INN 5044031157 Moscow
up1 362 up1 554 down144 up184 down1,85 down1,69 140 Superior
INN 5408154542 Novosibirsk Region
up521 up554 down45 up101 down1,30 up1,32 213 High
INN 3924000495 Kaliningrad Region
down308 up399 up25 down24 down0,84 up1,19 219 High
INN 6901090890 Tver Region
up618 down279 up9 down4 up1,98 down0,92 269 High
INN 7816441972 Saint Petersburg
down546 up645 down153 up203 down0,84 down0,73 149 Superior
TOP 10 average value up1 388 down1 290 up78 up99 up2,75 up2,76  
TOP 100 average value up167 down158 up7 down5 down2,48 down2,21  
The average industry value in the production of electronic equipment elements and printed circuits boards up161 down158 up6 up13 up0,51 down0,50  

вверх Improvement of the indicator to the previous period, вниз deterioration of the indicator to the previous period

Asset turnover indicators of TOP10 and TOP 100 companies in 2020 are significantly higher than the industry average values. Five companies reduced their indicators in 2020, while seven companies experienced a decrease in 2019.

At the same time, in 2020, seven companies increased their revenue and/or net profit. However, decline in average revenue of the TOP 10 is 7%, for the TOP 100 - 5%, and the industry average fell by almost 2%.

The average profit in the TOP 10 increased by 27%, in the TOP 100 - decreased by 29%, and the average growth in the industry amounted to over 2 times bigger value.

In general, during the last 5 years, average industry indicators of asset turnover have been growing for two periods. The indicator reached the best values in 2019, and the worst result was shown in 2016. (Picture 1).

Picture 1. Change in average industry values of assets turnover of electronic printed curcuit board manufacturers in 2016-2020. Picture 1. Change in average industry values of assets turnover of electronic printed curcuit board manufacturers in 2016-2020.