Information about tax debts, penalties and tax evasion published in Globas

article 09/12/2019

On December, 5th 2019 the Federal Tax Service (FTS) has disclosed publicly available data about debts of legal entities on taxes and fees and information about tax evasion.

Data about amounts of arrears, late fees, penalties: 1,4 million companies.
Data about tax evasion: 305 thousand companies.

Data are referred to penalties and arrears that were formed till December 31, 2018 and not paid up till October 1, 2019.

Information that was earlier classified as tax secret is now available in Globas in the «Taxes and fees» section of the company report, where can be found data about special tax regime, participation of organizations in the consolidated group of taxpayers, paid amounts of taxes and fees.

Earlier the FTS has also disclosed information about average number of employees of legal entities, amounts of incomes and expenditure of companies according to the data from the financial accounts for 2018. Data are displayed in the section «Key financial and economic indicators» in Globas.

With the help of this information, Globas users can manage counterparty risks with dishonest taxpayers.

It should be reminded that data are published regarding Russian legal entities, except for strategic enterprises, military industrial sector companies and the largest taxpayers.