TOP 10 surface passenger transport companies in Saint Petersburg by assets turnover

ranking 10/11/2021

In April 2022, launch of the new model of transportation services is planned in Saint Petersburg. Assets turnover ratio analyses allows to rate accurately effectiveness of the business activity of the companies and shows it’s relatively high but decreasing level among the surface transport companies in Saint Petersburg in 2019 – 2020 with decreasing profit and increasing loss.

For this ranking Information Agency Credinform selected in Globas the largest companies in Saint Petersburg (TOP 10) in terms of annual revenue for the last reporting periods available in the state statistics bodies and the Federal Tax Service (2018 - 2020) that provide passenger bus, trolleybus and tramway transportation. Then these companies were ranked by assets turnover ratio (Table 1).

period. It characterizes efficiency of company's use of all available resources, regardless of sources they were raised. The ratio shows how many times per year the full cycle of production and circulation is performed, generating the corresponding effect in the form of profit.

External factors include company’s type and industry, size of enterprise. Macroeconomic situation also largely affects company’s assets turnover. Severance of ties with other organizations and inflation development cause stock building, which severely slows down the assets turnover.

Internal factors are price policy, asset profile and inventory valuation system.

It is necessary to pay attention to the entire set of indicators and financial ratios to get the most complete and objective picture of enterprise's financial condition.

Table 1. Net profit, revenue, assets turnover ratio, Globas solvency index of the surface passenger transport companies in Saint Petersburg (TOP 10)
Name, INN, types of activity Revenue, million rubles Net profit (loss), million rubles Asset turnover, times Globas Solvency Index
2019 2020 2019 2020 2019 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
INN 7841399812
Scheduled passenger bus transport
up49,09 up184,49 up2,34 up4,76 up4,58 up9,34 219 Strong
IBF-Nord Company Limited
INN 7804328651
Scheduled passenger bus transport
down72,16 down67,10 down0,02 down-0,05 up8,69 down7,27 284 Medium
INN 7816465733
Scheduled passenger bus transport
up37,70 down34,50 up15,95 up16,57 down6,23 down4,71 177 High
INN 4703086802
Scheduled passenger bus transport
down795,87 down598,27 down12,89 down3,60 up3,19 down2,27 263 Medium
INN 7814010096
Scheduled passenger bus transport
down4 753,94 down3 641,02 up8,41 down0,26 down2,71 down1,74 229 Strong
INN 7805472231
Scheduled passenger bus transport
up530,77 down371,90 up26,70 down-17,57 down1,91 down1,61 285 Medium
INN 7830001758
Scheduled passenger bus transport
up15 248,11 down14 600,10 down3,88 down-677,87 down0,93 down0,75 234 Strong
INN 7830001927
Scheduled passenger tramway and trolleybus transport
up15 360,70 down15 179,92 down-166,89 down-631,80 down0,81 down0,71 249 Strong
INN 7806345155
Scheduled passenger bus transport
up553,61 down542,11 down17,98 down-36,28 down0,85 down0,68 277 Medium
INN 6952036026
Scheduled passenger tramway transport
up1 312,76 up3 017,99 up-70,11 up679,99 up0,09 up0,19 256 Medium
TOP 10 average value up3 871,47 down3 823,74 down-14,88 down-65,84 up3,00 down2,93  
The industry average value (Scheduled passenger conveyance by public surface transport) up418,06 down347,72 down-12,92 down-39,67 down1,25 down0,96

вверх Improvement of the indicator to the previous period, вниз deterioration of the indicator to the previous period

In 2020, average values of assets turnover of TOP 10 were above the industry average. There was a decline in values among eight companies out of TOP 10, while in 2019 there were six companies like this.

In 2020, two companies out of ten increased revenue and three companies increased net profit. However average revenue in TOP 10 decreased by 1%, industry average value declined by 17%. Average loss in TOP 10 increased more than four times and industry average loss increased more than three times.

For the last five years industry average values of assets turnover ratio have been growing for only one period. The indicator reached the best values in 2017, and the worst result was shown in 2020. (Picture 1)

Picture 1. Change in industry average values of assets turnover of surface transport companies in 2016 – 2020 Picture 1. Change in industry average values of assets turnover of surface transport companies in 2016 – 2020