Globas 2020 highlights

вестник 13.01.2021

Dear Users!
Following the tradition, we sum up the results of 2020 and share our plans.

The Year of Entrepreneurship in Russia was to be held in 2020. Ironically, the business has faced many difficulties that affected the development of the enterprises and economy in general. That is why relevant and up-to-date information is especially valuable today.

In 2020, we have improved the tools in Globas and added sources to help in identification of new risks and doing business in a rapidly changing environment.
We have increased information support: hold about 100 webinars on current issues, organized corporate training, advised on questions arose during the counterparties check.

We would like to thank you for your confidence and interest in our product. Heeding your valuable advices and recommendations, we develop Globas to be better and friendlier for you!

According to the experts of RAEX-Analytics rating agency, Globas takes the lead in the first Russian rating of information and analytical systems.


  • Globas app
  • Company’s position in the industry – fully updated section
  • New tools for Lists
  • Tax burden and assessment of the field tax inspection probability
  • Risk assessment for sole entrepreneurs
  • Profile of a natural person with extended checking capabilities, new types of extractions on self-employment, search by enforcement proceedings and suspicion of committing a crime
  • Successors/Predecessors – new section of the report
  • Interactive analysis in all sections of Globas
  • Signs requiring attention in all sections of the report
  • Even more accurate risk assessment - improving the Globas indices
  • Arbitration proceedings – improving data, including of counter-claims
  • Selection for transfer pricing.
    It takes two steps using pre-installed criteria customization template to make a selection of comparable companies that meet the requirements of the Tax Code of Russia by interrelationship, net assets, losses and financial indicators.


In 2020, new data have been added to Globas: job vacancies, audit reports, explanatory notes on the financial statements and corporate action notifications for listed companies.
Analysis of procurements is added with commercial tenders organized by for-profit companies or Sole Entrepreneurs by their own rules and using their own funds. New data makes it possible to monitor the companies’ activity and better assess the market opportunities.

Globas has all tools and functions for a fast and proper analysis of business partners. In 2021, we will continue to improve tools and functions and add new sources: our plans involve changes in express assessment taking into account new sources, enhancement of analytical tools, update of a company’s report structure and many other improvements for more efficient and comfortable use of Globas.

Information agency Credinform wishes you a Happy New Year 2021! May your important and not easy work be rewarded with new perspectives and opportunities in the forthcoming year!
We wish you well-being, health and success!

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