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Credinform Opinion

The Ministry of Finance proposes to abolish the Unified tax on imputed income (UTII) for sellers of clothing, shoes, and tobacco products. The amendment to the law may provoke strengthening of the monopoly position of retail chains and increase in the shadow business.

Evgenii Nasirov
Analyst of Credinform

Credinform Opinion

What comes first: risk or threat? Experts of Information agency Credinform determine risk as a possibility of threat. While threat is a manifestation of risk.

Valery Skobelev
Head of analytical department of Credinform

Credinform Opinion

To replenish the budget, VAT was increased up to 20%. Contentious decision: inflation rate during the first week of January 2019 was 0,5% that is 1,5 times higher than monthly rates of 2018.

Anton Scherbakov
Deputy head of analytical group of Credinform

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