Law on Enterprise Group Register

article 13/07/2021

The Federal law of 11.06.2021 №174-FL imposes a duty to form the Enterprise Group Register on the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat). In this regard, group head companies are to give information on subsidiaries and its investment activity. At the same time, there is no need to report to Rosstat on the primary statistics, being sent by the companies to the Central Bank of Russia in order to form the balance of international payments, foreign trade statistics, external debt and private equity investment.

In the future, the Government of the RF will set the criteria of subsuming under the enterprise groups and group head companies, the rules of notification of legal entities on making an entry about them in the Register.

Moreover, share registrars have the responsibility to submit to the Register the information on shareholders and their shares each year up to July, 5th:

  • list of legal entities - shareholders
  • their interest in the share capital,
  • data, making it possible to identify shareholders,
  • data on total shares of other shareholders in share capital.

This data should be prepared on the basis on the last list of entities, having a right to take part in the general shareholders meeting.

Rosstat should improve its information resources in order to form the Register. Due to this, extra money amounting to more than RUB 176 million will be allocated from the budget.

The law will come into force since September 1st, 2021. The data for the current year should be provided by share registrars up to September 10th.