Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation reduced inflation predicted values

According to calculation of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation till the end of the year the inflation in Russia will amount to 6-6,5%. According to the head of the department Alexey Ulykaev, domestic economic entered the path of gradual decline in inflation. Such optimistic Ulykaev’s projections are explained by ruble stabilization, seasonal decline in food prices and also by reduction of regulated tariffs and prices indexation.

It is also possible to make a positive forecast of inflationary changes, basing on the situation in agriculture. Reportedly to Ministry of Agriculture, 97-98 million tons of crop is expected in the current year, which is quite good result. We will remind that in the Russian basket by a consumer price index, the share of foodstuff - is 38%.

According to the Central Bank (CB) assessment, the contribution of unforeseen factors to annual inflation is 1,5%. According to statement of CB representatives, the change of a monetary policy orientation allowed to avoid significant deviations from target values of inflation in medium-term prospect. However, mega-regulator preserves the intention of the transition to a floating rate of ruble. After decrease in threats of financial stability the Central Bank reduced the intervention volume on 100 million dollars.

Except the correction of inflation expected values, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation announced a preliminary estimate of GDP growth in the second quarter 2014. Thus, according to the preliminary estimate of the department, it is possible to expect the growth to 1,2%.

By the results of first half of the year, the growth of industrial production by 1,8% is noted. Moreover, quarterly growth is also observed: 1,1% by the results of first quarter and 2,5% - by the results of the second. Herein processing production grows better than mining.

Talking about positive dynamics of industry development, should be noted a role of currency fluctuations, which have led to reduction of expenses for domestic manufacturers. Reduction of expenses, in turn, significantly increased the competitiveness of the Russian manufacturers, both on domestic and foreign markets.

Solvency ratio of dental clinics

Information agency Credinform prepared a ranking of dental clinics on solvency ratio. The companies with highest volume of revenue were selected for this ranking according to the data from the Statistical Register for the latest available period (for the year 2012). Then, the first 10 enterprises selected by turnover were ranked by decrease in solvency ratio.

Solvency ratio is calculated as the relation of own capital to the balance sum. This indicator reflects that part of activity, which is funded through own resources. Recommended value of the ratio: > 0,5.

Solvency ratio and solvency index of dental clinics, being the largest on turnover in Russia, TOP-10
Legal form
RegionTurnover for 2012, in mln RUBSolvency ratio, (х)Solvency index GLOBAS-i®
INN 7731016390
Moscow 186 0,95 163 (the highest)
INN 6451115277
Saratov region 249 0,91 249 (high)
INN 3801024930
Irkutsk region 165 0,88 173 (the highest)
4 Tulskaya stomatologicheskaya poliklinika im. S. A. Zlotnikova CJSC
INN 7104002478
Tula region 207 0,85 192 (the highest)
INN 5262146310
Nizhny Novgorod region 278 0,63 213 (high)
INN 3904002705
Kaliningrad region 307 0,61 170 (the highest)
INN 5260159627
Nizhny Novgorod region 174 0,59 181 (the highest)
INN 5904011848
Perm territory 183 0,53 171 (the highest)
INN 7814015070
Saint-Petersburg 299 0,33 181 (the highest)
10 Gorodskaya stomatologicheskaya poliklinika №6 CJSC
INN 5407115727
Novosibirsk region 168 0,29 216 (high)

According to the data of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development, about 14% of population undergoes preventive dental examination in state health care facilities annually. However, this figure does not include the amount of those, who visits private clinics, which become more and more popular among people. According to experts' estimates, the volume of Russian dental market made 260 bln RUB at year-end 2012. Therewith the cumulative annual turnover of the first 10 largest Russian dental clinics increased by 33% at year-end 2012 and made 2216 mln RUB.

dental clinics

Eight among the largest ten Russian dental clinics showed the solvency ratio, matching the recommended values.

The first place of the ranking belongs to SILIKON LLC with the value of solvency ratio 0,95, what matches the standard values and testifies that the company funds 95% of its activity through own resources. However, for improvement of the material and technical base and enhancement of the quality of provided services it can be recommended the organization to resort to external borrowings.

The companies FIRMA VERONIKA LTD LLC and Gorodskaya stomatologicheskaya poliklinika №6 CJSC have the value of solvency ratio less than recommended one, what can testify to high enough share of borrowed funds in the capital structure.

Although all enterprises of the ranking got a high and the highest solvency index GLOBAS-i®, what characterizes them as financially stable and attractive for business cooperation.