The right ways to give the name to the company

In accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, there are several restrains for the official names of legal entities. Thus, the name of the legal entity must not coincide with the full or abbreviated name of the State government bodies, or include the word Russia and its derivatives.

The choice of the name of the organization is restricted not only by the imagination of its founders, but also by the laws of the Russian Federation. All the restrains that the company’s name must correspond are clearly spelled out in the Civil Code. In such a way the name of the legal entity may not include:

  • full or abbreviated official names of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, as well as derivatives of such names;
  • full or abbreviated official names of the federal agencies, state government bodies of the territorial entities of the RF and agencies of local self-government;
  • full or abbreviated names of international and intergovernmental organizations;
  • full or abbreviated names of public associations; designations detrimental to the public interest, as well as the principles of humanity and morality;

However, the inclusion of the words ‘Russian Federation’, ‘Russia’ and its derivatives is possible in agreeing on the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. In order to do this, you must present documents acknowledging that the organization is the major taxpayer or has its branches in more than half of territorial entities of the RF. Market leaders and companies with the state participation more than 25% in the full ownership also conform to requirements of the Ministry of Justice.

In accordance with the present of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation dated 20.09.13 №CA 4-7/16976 the registering authority may not refuse to register the new company, if its name coincides with the name of the already existing company. In other words, the new organization may take a name OOO "Samsung". Technically, the Civil Code disallows to use the corporate name of another organization, but according to the article 1474 of the Civil Code, only the owner has the right to demand its change. You should seize the court to do this procedure. So, it is possible to forbid the use of a similar name written in lowercase letters instead of capitalized ones or similar names, but with the other form of ownership.

These issues are controlled by the applicants themselves, as the registration authorities do not check the coincidences of corporate names. Generally, no one pays attention to the same names of the companies. However, it may happen that the name of another company has been patented. As a result, it is necessary not only to change the name of the enterprise, but also to right to the possessor the inflicted damages.

To avoid the conflicts, the uniqueness of the name has to be checked before the registration. The information system Globas-i can help you with that. The daily updated system contains information about 8.7 million companies of Russia and its financial history for the last 20 years.

Product profitability of meat products manufacturers

Information agency Credinform prepared a ranking of Russian meat products manufacturers.
The companies with the highest volume of revenue were selected for this ranking according to the data from the Statistical Register for the latest available period (for the year 2012). These enterprises were ranked by decrease in product profitability ratio.

Product profitability (%) is the relation of sales profit (loss) to its total value (amount of expenses for production, business and administrative expenses). It shows the results of current expenditures. If the ratio is negative, it testifies that a company has sales loss, what, surely, can be considered from a negative point of view.

There are no recommended or specified values prescribed for the mentioned ratio, because it varies strongly depending on the branch, where each concrete enterprise conducts business, that is why it should be assessed relying on industry-average indicator of the sector, as well as on indexes of other enterprises of the same industry.

Table 1. Turnover, product profitability and solvency index of the largest meat products manufacturer of Russia (TOP-10)
NameRegionTurnover,in mln RUB, for the year 2012Turnover gain by the year 2011, %Product profitability, %Solvency index GLOBAS-i®
INN: 3328426780
Vladimir region 8 171,7 12,0 16,1 227 high
INN: 6165079035
Rostov region 7 970,6 8,9 13,4 235 high
INN: 7710445247
Moscow region 7 576,0 12,3 7,6 229 high
INN: 7718013714
Moscow 11 472,8 7,4 7,5 197 the highest
5 Mikoyanovsky masokombinat CJSC
INN: 7722169626
Moscow 10 625,6 16,7 5,2 245 high
6 Myasokombinat Dubki LLC
INN: 6432013128
Saratov region 9 021,8 22,0 4,9 220 high


INN: 7724017435
Moscow 7 517,2 4,0 3,6 209 high
8 Ostankinsky myasopererabatyvayushchy kombinat OJSC
Moscow 25 795,2 15,8 2,7 191 the highest
9 Ptitsekombinat LLC
INN: 2631029799
Stavropol territory 9 305,9 71,5 2,3 263 high
INN: 6025009824
Pskov region 8 375,8 -7,4 1,3 241 high

meat products manufacturer

Picture 1. Product profitability, turnover of the largest meat products manufacturer of Russia (TOP-10)

According to the data available in the database GLOBAS-i® of the Information agency Credinform, about 1330 companies act in the market of meat products manufacturers, with the revenue above zero and cumulative turnover 552,7 bln RUB. This points to a high degree of fragmentation of the market. Enterprises from Moscow are in the lead on cumulative turnover.

Judging from the data of the table, Ostankinsky myasopererabatyvayushchy kombinat OJSC was the largest manufacturer with the highest volume of revenue in the market of meat products. Company’s revenue has increased almost by 16% per annum. According to the independent estimation of solvency GLOBAS-i® the company has the index - 191 points, what characterizes the organization as creditworthy, guaranteeing that its credit debts will be pay off in time and fully with minimal risk of default. With the assumption that the index value can be in the range from 100 points – the best value, up to 600 – the worst one.

Also among TOP-10 companies are following Moscow enterprises, having their history and unique technology: Cherkizovsky myasopererabatyvayushchy zavod OJSC, ЗАО Mikoyanovsky masokombinat CJSC, Tsaritsyno OJSC, Dymovskoe kolbasnoe proizvodstvo LLC.

All TOP-10 enterprises got a high and the highest solvency index GLOBAS-i®, what points to sound enough financial standing of the branch.

Cumulative turnover of TOP-10 companies-manufacturers of meat products made 103,4 bln RUB (18,7% of the market) in 2012, went up by 11,8% per annum. From investment point of view, business cooperation with these organizations seems to be the most attractive.

Industry-average product profitability – 3,6%. Thereby the first 6 companies from TOP-10 were able to reach higher value among the largest manufacturers: STARODVORSKIE KOLBASY CJSC (16,1%); ROSTOVSKY KOLBASNY ZAVOD – TAVR LLC (13,4%); AGRO INVEST CJSC (7,6%); CHERKIZOVSKY MYASOPERERABATYVAYUSHCHY ZAVOD OJSC (7,5%); Mikoyanovsky masokombinat CJSC (5,2%); Masokombinat Dubki LLC (4,9%).