TOP-10 of the most expensive Runet companies

In the era of information technology headed by the Internet and computer, the emergence of Internet companies is not surprising. Today, an increasing number of entrepreneurs create Online business. Using the Information and Analytical system Globas, the Information Agency Credinform selected TOP-10 Runet companies in term of net asset value, and analyzed their 2018 income.

The companies’ value was assessed according to the financial accounts through the net asset value.

Net asset value is the value of a fund's assets minus any liabilities and expenses.

Table 1. Value of the Internet companies of Russia and their 2018 income
No. Name Income for 2018, billion RUB Value of a company, billion RUB
1 Group 43,8 +9,8% 129,2 -2,6%
2 Yandex
117,4 +27,9% 79,6 -6,3%
65,7 +19,4% 5,5 +8,3%
70,0 +46,8% 3,6 +109,4%
5 Rambler Group
3,4 +1,9% 2,9 +2,6%
6 ivi
4,8 +81,5% 2,5 +28,8%
7 HeadHunter
6,4 +30,6% 2,4 -46,1%
4,8 +81,5% 2,5 +28,8%
9 Avito
20,1 +28,8% 2,3 -34,2%
10 Lamoda
31,5 +14,3% 2,2 +327,0%

The ranking is headed by Group with the highest net asset value (129,2billion RUB). The company’s 2018 income exceeded 43 billion RUB. Group is a Russian technology company. The main activity is connected with the World Wide Web and is concentrated in several sectors: innovation, investment and entertainment. The company owns social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki with over 800 million registered users. In addition, the holding owns the MAPS.ME mapping service, Internet service of free ads YULA, YouDrive car sharing and Delivery Club food delivery platform.

The second is the Russian transnational company Yandex (79,6 billion RUB). The company owns the Yandex search engine, which is included in the TOP- 20 most visited websites in the world (11th position). A bill introduced in 2019, limiting the stake of foreign shareholders in IT giants, contributed to a 6,3% reduction in the company's value. The ultimate owner (100% ownership interest) of the company LLC YANDEX N.V., registered in the Netherlands. The company's income for 2018 is the highest among the others included in the Top (117,4 billion RUB). The corporation also owns food delivery platform (Yandex.Eda), a map service (Yandex.Maps), taxi fleet (Yandex.Taxi) and car sharing (Yandex.Drive). In September 2018, Yandex completed a large-scale transaction to purchase a stake in Uber (an American taxi service). The transaction is estimated at 234 billion RUB, and the sake in the American company exceeds 59%.

Citilink is ranked the third in term of net asset value (5,5 billion RUB). The main sector of the company is electronic equipment trade. Citilink has been actively developing due to the new trading format and one of the first to introduce the format of an online electronics store. The buyers took the purchased goods in the points of delivery. After 10 years, Citylink began to actively increase its presence in the market. Since 2018, the number of stores has increased to 80 throughout Russia, and the number of points of delivery increased to 600. The company's income for 2018 exceeded 65 billion RUB, and grew by 19,4% over the previous period.

The value of Wildberries amounted to 3,6 billion RUB. The company is the second among TOP-10 in term of the increase in the net asset value. Wildberries is the largest online store of clothes, shoes, baby products, household and other goods. In addition to the Russian Federation, it is presented in the CIS countries, and since January 2020 in the European market - in Poland. In early 2020, the founder of online retailer Tatyana Bakalchuk topped the Forbes ranking of Russia's richest women according. The company's income for 2018 doubled and amounted to 70 billion RUB.

The fifth in the ranking is Rambler Group (2,9 billion RUB), one of the largest holdings in the field of media, e-commerce and technology. The company manages about 40 projects, such as postal service, online newspaper, Afisha,, sort portal, Okko online cinema, etc. It is noteworthy that the Rambler Group is the sole owner of the English Premier League broadcasting rights in Russia. The contract was valued at over 490 million RUB and signed for three years. The Premier League is Europe’s most viewed football league.

Then follows ivi (2,5billion RUB). ivi is a Russian media company operating in the professional online video market. Among the projects is an online movie theater of the same name. The company has contracts with the leading Russian and foreign copyright holders, such as Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Sony, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Lenfilm, Mosfilm and others.

The seventh is online recruitment platform HeadHunter (2,4billion RUB). It is the leading online recruitment platform in Russia and the CIS with over 1 million customers. The company’s income for 2018 exceeded 6 billion RUB.

The ranking also includes QIWI payment service. The value of the company’s assets exceeds 2,3 billion RUB. Today, using this payment service, you can make mobile communications, Internet and television payments, transfer money, etc. QIWI is the forerunner of online banks (Sberbank Online, VTB Online). Income of the company for 2018 is 6 billion RUB.

Avito is the largest Internet portal of free ads in Russia. According to the financial statements, the value of the company's assets is estimated at 2,3 billion RUB. More than 47 million people visit Avito's website monthly, and in November 2019, more than 59 million buy-and-sell ads were posted. The company's income for 2018 exceeded 20 billion RUB.

Online shop of clothes and footwear Lamoda (2,2 billion RUB) closes the ranking. The company has more than 17 thousand points of delivery in Russia and the CIS. Website of the shop contains over 6 million goods. Today, Lamoda collaborates with 20 major brands - Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Adidas, Armani, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Gucci. Income for 2018 exceeded 31,5 billion RUB.

The results of the ranking showed that Internet access, desire and interesting idea are enough to create a successful and large company today.

State Register of Collectors

The Federal Law №230-FZ «On protection of the rights and legal interests of individuals, engaging in activities for the recovery of overdue debt and on amendments to the Federal Law «On microfinance activities and microfinance organizations» entered into force on January 1, 2017. This was the subject of our publication «The Federal Law, regulating the activities of collectors, comes into force» from 21.12.2016.

According to the law, the control over the work of collectors is entrusted to the Federal Bailiff Service, which is instructed to maintenance the Register of legal entities, whose main activity is the return of overdue debt. It is prohibited to conduct such activities without registration in this register.

On February 4, 2020, the Order №550 of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia «On approval of the administrative regulation for the provision by the Federal Bailiff Service of the public service for the inclusion of information about a legal entity into the state register of legal entities engaged in the return of overdue debt as the main type of activity» dated 30.12.2019 was registered under No.57422 at the Ministry of Justice of the RF, which determines the procedure for the provision of this public service by the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia and its territorial bodies.

Applicants for the provision of the public service can be only legal entities engaged in the relevant activities or their proxies.

The term for the provision of the public service, in the case of a decision to include information into the register, is 20 working days from the day the applicant submits the necessary documents to the territorial bodies of the Federal Bailiff Service of the RF. The decision to refuse to enter information into the register must be made within 10 working days from the date of the receipt of the documents.

A state fee of 100,000 rubles is charged for this service.

Currently, more than 340 organizations are registered in the Register. The subscribers of the Information and Analytical system Globas can get acquainted with them in the section of the system «Recommended lists».