Incomings into budget system of the Russian Federation by basic economic activity types

According to the Federal Taxation Service of Russian Federation, for the first six months 2013 in comparison with the same period of 2012 incomings into consolidated balance of the Russian Federation reduced on (-0,5%) and made up 5432 bln. RUB, 2655 bln. RUB of which arrived in federal budget. That is 1,9% more than in previous year.

It is important to mention, that the biggest part of incomings into consolidated budget of the Russian Federation accounted on mining (23%), income tax of individuals (20.6%), profit tax (18,3%) and value added tax (18%).

Reduction in incomings occurred solely through income tax, for the first six months 2013 the payments reduced on 0,7% - to 160,6 bln. RUB. This is unfavorable, but predictable trend in case of observed stagnation of industrial production. The significant growth, in turn, was shown by excises – on 38,6 %, the growth is connected with the adoption of the corresponding rates for the products.

Herewith the head of the Federal Taxation Service Mikhail Mischustin reported, that the incomings into consolidated budgets of the Russian Federation territorial subjects by income tax of individuals increased on 11,2%, that outpacing inflation growth.

Total debt in budget system of the Russian Federation for the first six months 2013 increased on 0,5% in comparison with the beginning of the year and made up 1136,7 bln. RUB. Herewith unregulated debt grew on 3,3% - to 562,3 bln. RUB (49,5% from total debt). Unregulated debt consists of uncollectible debt, which impossible to collect due to certain circumstances (death of debtor, inability of establishment of residential address, elimination as bankruptcy etc.) and shortages, in other words tax, which hasn't been paid in due time.

According to the Unified Interdepartmental Statistical Information System (UniSIS), incomings into consolidated budget of the country in January-July 2013 increased on 0,19% in comparison with the same period of previous year and made up 5498,5 bln. RUB. Herewith there was reduction in tax incomings into budget system of the Russian Federation in following types of economic activity: mining (-0,82%), wholesale and retail trade; repair of vehicles, motorbikes, household goods and subjects of private use (-18,57%), fishery and fish breeding (-14,14%), transport and communications (-22,63%). The same negative trend is observed in proceeds from individuals, who aren’t businessmen and don’t have OKVED code: (-17) bln. RUB for the first six months 2013, while (-9) bln. RUB for the same period in 2012.

Negative decreasing trend of profit tax incomings is confirmed by the latest data of the Federal Taxation Service about profits of the largest Russian companies. In January-July 2013 Rosneft profit decreased on 13%, Lukoil – on 30%, Gazprom – on 34%, RZD – on 70%.

Many experts note that the current situation signals again about necessity of reforms in various areas of the country’s economic development. Primarily, it is said about necessity in co-financing projects which are aimed for the development of infrastructure (roads, transport), that will give impulse to the development of new territories and creation of new working places.

Information agency Credinform attended the seminar “Hermes – the Federal guarantor of exports in Russia”

12.09.2013 Information agency Credinform attended the seminar “Hermes – the Federal guarantor of exports in Russia” performed by the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce. Representatives of the Russian banks involved in foreign business activities, importers, consulting agencies learned features of German export support, particularly to Russia, and discussed aspects of its practical implementation with regard to the Russian-German transactions.

Export credit agency Euler Hermes Deutschland AG (Germany) is engaged in insurance of the international commercial transactions granting support to domestic producers. Our country is one of the more important Germany’s trade partners and therefore applications for insurance of export contracts with Russian parties makes considerable part in the Hermes portfolio. 2012 Hermes has insured deals with Russia for the total amount of 3.228 million EUR.

It is well known that in such sphere as insurance of international trade transactions it is obligatory to check the creditworthiness of a foreign counterparty (importer). Export insurance agencies usually use internal as well as external company data sources. Banks involved in financing of foreign business activity and lending to foreign buyers use services of B2B sector also.

Information agency Credinform collected a wide experience working with foreign clients that allows to place itself successfully on the international market of business information in particular as a supplier of updated and verified data on the Russian contractors.