New company profile in Globas: quick assessment of cooperation risks
Photo: Unsplash.com
Choosing a counterparty is one of the business risks for any organization. Entering into contract with an unreliable organization can threaten financial losses, fines from the tax service, refusal to refund VAT and other troubles. In order to avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to check all companies with which contracts are concluded.
It is necessary to check the entire pool of incoming applications in a short time, identifying unreliable partners at the initial stage of acquaintance with them. Such express check can be provided only if there is a clear procedure for the analysis and a convenient tool for the rapid identification of risk factors.
Understanding the tasks of Globas users, daily solving the issues of checking business partners, the experts of the Information Agency Credinform have developed a new structure of the company profile, based on knowledge of sources' features and expert experience.
All the main information about the company is collected in a convenient dashboard, where statistical data, risk factors and infographic elements are presented. End-to-end navigation in blocks, instantly transfers to detailed information on the section of interest. Such data placement allows you to quickly navigate a large amount of information and make decisions about cooperation.