Foreign investors will inform about investments in Crimean companies

Application procedure of the RF legislation about foreign investments in the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol is defined by the Federal Law of 18.07.2017 №165-FL «On Amendments to the Article 6 of the Federal Law «On Foreign Investments in the RF» and the Federal Law «On Procedure of Foreign Investments to Business Entities that have strategic importance for defense support and security of the country». Besides, control for foreign investments in companies that have strategic importance for defense capacity and security of the country is tightened.

Among taken amendments – requirement for foreign investors to inform compulsorily the Government authorized body about holding more than 5% shares or authorized capital interest in Russian companies that were located on the territory of Crimea on the moment of the peninsula joining Russia.

Foreign investors are also obliged to inform about all the transactions with shares. In case of violation of this requirement, federal authority have a right to deprive of voting on shareholders` general meeting, exclude their votes in determining the quorum and while vote counting through legal proceedings.

According to the Information and Analytical system Globas currently more than 42 thousands of active legal entities, including more than 360 joint stock companies are registered in the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. Information about them as well as about all the legal entities and individual entrepreneurs of Russia and other countries is accessible for subscribers of the Globas system.

On the strategy of the economic security of Russia for the period to 2030

Not just respond to threats, but anticipate them in advance and apply preventive protection measures

In the current economic conditions of the ever-changing business environment, the questions of prompt response come to the fore. However, long-term sustained development and an advantage in the world market are consolidated by those who set a competent long-term strategy. One of the steps aimed at achieving of stable rates of growth of the national economy for the long run became the Strategy of Russia's Economic Security for the Period to 2030 approved by the Russian President.

The main threats. The main focus of the document approved by Vladimir Putin in May this year is on the challenges and threats to the country's economic security, as well as on the goals and directions of the state policy in the sphere of ensuring economic security. The Strategy assigns to challenges and threats of the economic security: the aiming of developed countries to use their advantages in the level of development of the economy and high technologies as an instrument of global competition; strengthening of structural imbalances in the world economy and financial system; use of discriminatory measures regarding to key sectors of the economy of the Russian Federation; change of the structure of global demand for energy; exhaustion of raw-materials export model of the economic development; insufficient volume of investment in the real sector of the economy; limitation of the scope of Russian non-resource exports; insufficiently effective public administration; unevenness of spatial development of the Russian Federation.

On guard of the economic security. The main objectives and directions of the state policy in the sphere of ensuring economic security in accordance with the approved document are: strengthening the economic sovereignty of the Russian Federation; increasing the economy's resilience to the impact of external and internal challenges and threats; maintenance of scientific and technical potential of economic development at the world level and increase of its competitiveness; development of public administration, forecasting and strategic planning in the economic sphere; ensuring sustainable growth of the real sector of the economy; creation of economic conditions for development and introduction of modern technologies, stimulation of innovative development; sustainable development of the national financial system; balanced spatial and regional development of the Russian Federation; development of the human potential.

Risks under control. The document also states about the establishment of a risk management system, the main tasks of which are: identification and assessment of existing and potential challenges and threats to economic security; assessment of the resources necessary and sufficient to prevent challenges and threats to economic security; planning of measures to implement the state policy in the field of economic security development, control of the implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of measures for counteraction of economic sanctions.

Step-by-step development. Implementation of the Strategy is planned in two stages. The first one will last until the end of 2019 and will involve the development and implementation of organizational, regulatory and methodological measures to ensure economic security, improve monitoring mechanisms and evaluation of its standing. The second stage, which will take the period until 2030, will be connected with the implementation of measures for neutralization of challenges and threats to economic security. Thus, the Strategy, being from the moment of its approval as the basis for the formation and implementation of the state policy in the sphere of economic security, should ensure the economic sovereignty of the RF and the stability of the national economy to external and internal challenges and threats, as well as the strengthening of socio-political stability, dynamic social and economic development, raising of the level and improving of the quality of life of the population.

Remembering the global economic threats, one should not also forget about the daily risks that accompany any entrepreneurial activity. According to experts, one of the most actual economic risks is the risk of business partnership, arising in the process of interaction of economic entities. An effective method of preventing risks of cooperation with unreliable business partners is comprehensive verification and constant monitoring of counterparties with the help of the Informational and analytical system Globas® of the Information agency «Credinform», containing the information on more than 24 million legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in Russia and the world, as well wide range of analytical tools that allow to solve effective and efficient the problem of minimizing the risks of business cooperation.