Assets turnover of manufacturers of ready-made feed for animals

Informational agency Credinform prepared the ranking of Russian manufacturers of ready-made feed for animals on assets turnover. The largest companies in turnover for the last available period (2012) were taken for the investigation from the Statistical register. Further the enterprises of the turnover top-10 were ranked in ascending order of the assets turnover rate value.

Assets turnover is sales revenue ratio to the average quantity of the company’s total assets for the period. It defines the company’s effectiveness of using all the available resources, independently from the source of its mobilization. This ratio shows how many times per year the whole production and conversion cycle is carried out, which brings the correspondent effect in terms of profit.

There is no normative value for this ratio. However, the more indicator’s value is, the faster the enterprise gains profit upon completion of all the production and conversion stage and the more intensively the assets are used in the company’s operations. For instance, the value of assets turnover ratio that equaling 2 means that organization gains during a year a profit twice as much over than its assets’ value.

Low assets turnover may give evidence of insufficient effectiveness of using assets. However, low ratio value doesn’t always speak for financial insolvency of the company, as the more difficult the technological process is, the slower the production and its disposal happens. But the competitive study of the enterprises’ assets turnover belonging to the same industry may show the differences in effectiveness of assets management.

Assets turnover and solvency index of the largest in turnover manufacturers of ready-made feed for animals in Russia, Тоp-10
Name, tax numberRegionTurnover,in mln RUB, for 2012Assets turnover, timesSolvency index GLOBAS-i®
1 ZAO Novooskolsky Kombikormovy Zavod
TAX NUMBER  3114007982
Belgorod region 6910 3,81 237(high)
2 OJSC Belgorodsky Experimentalny Zavod Rybnykh Kombikormov
TAX NUMBER 3116001200
Belgorod region 5625 3,21 236(high)
3 LLC Koudijs MKorma
TAX NUMBER 7702713598
Moscow 3638 2,40 286(high)
4 ZAO Ruslkan
TAX NUMBER  5007040019
Moscow region 5034 2,26 161(the highest)
TAX NUMBER 7705014478
Moscow 5179 2,00 208(high)
6 LLC Adygeysky Kombikormovy Zavod
TAX NUMBER 101005446
Republic of Adygeya 3995 1,86 262(high)
7 OJSCLuzinsky Kombikormovy Zavod
TAX NUMBER 5528001523
Omsk region 2871 1,79 294 (high)
8 ZAO Gatchinsky Kombikormovy Zavod
TAX NUMBER 4719000303
Leningrad region 4116 0,96 219(high)
9 OJSC Belgorodsky Kombinat Khleboproduktov
TAX NUMBER 3125008025
Belgorod region 2882 0,62 289(high)
10 LLC Prokhorovsky Kombikormovy Zavod
TAX NUMBER 3115006100
Belgorod region 4376 0,57 266(high)

Two companies of the Top-10 have shown the value of the assets turnover ratio exceeding 3: ZAO Novooskolsky Kombikormovy Zavod (3,81) и OJSC Belgorodsky Experimentalny Zavod Rybnykh Kombikormov (3,21). Such result bespeaks the fact that these enterprises make the full use of the available resources in the production cycle. They were given a high solvency index of the GLOBAS-i®. It characterizes them as financially stable. 

manufacturers of ready-made feed for animals

Assets turnover of manufacturers of ready-made feed for animals , Тоp-10

Three companies that complete the ranking, have shown the value of the assets turnover ratio lower than 1: ZAO Gatchinsky Kombikormovy Zavod (0,96), OJSC Belgorodsky Kombinat Khleboproduktov and LLC Prokhorovsky Kombikormovy Zavod (0,57). Such result may be an evidence of the poorly thought-out logistic delivery and distribution network. However, these enterprises were given high solvency index of the GLOBAS-i® on the strength of financial and non-financial indicators. For the prospective investor it means that organizations are able to meet debt obligations timely and full. The risk of nonfulfillment of which is minor and low.

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