The register of experts will be formed for the system of government purchases

The capital system of government purchases will have own open register of experts. According to words of Gennady Degtev, the Head of Moscow City Department of Competition Policy, skilled professionals of the purchase process, who is able to give an objective and weighted estimate on any tender, will be included in the register.

The necessity of establishment of such register was on the carpet in «high street» long ago. According to the current federal law on the contract system, the expert examination is specified by the settlement of each transaction. However, there are difficulties appearing with the search not only of a professional, but also an unbiased specialist. Professional assessment by acknowledged experts could be a form of public control.

They promise to form the register in the nearest time. By that, anybody who wants to will be able to propose experts as candidates on the site of the Public competition council. The final composition and working principles of the register will be discussed together with the representatives of public organizations and specialists of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. On basis of the formed list of reliable experts it is supposed to establish the expert councils, which will work on the process improvement of government purchases.

Particularly topical is the creation of such register on the background of introduction of the contract system of government purchases this year. It supposes the purchase not only of goods or services, but also of results of their use. Therefore, suppliers are personally responsible for quality now. Authorities of the capital had been the first who had tested the innovations. For example, it is active practiced the conclusion of life cycle contracts, i.e. suppliers offer not just products, but also assume responsibility for maintenance and repair. In particular on such contracts the city purchases carriages for the Metro (subway).

The Mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, notices the first positive results of adopted changes. Thus, the amount of participants in tenders for the supply of goods and services has doubled in the capital for last three years, and the conditions of participation in tenders have become more transparent.

Leverage ratio of Russian manufacturers of leather and fur clothing

Information agency Credinform prepared а ranking on leverage ratio of Russian manufacturers of leather and fur clothing. The companies with highest volume of revenue were selected for this ranking according to data from the Statistical Register for the latest available period (for the year 2012). Then, the first 10 enterprises selected by turnover were ranked by decrease in the value of the leverage ratio.

Leverage ratio refers to the group of financial stability indexes. Indicators of this group are interesting first of all for long-term credits, because they characterize the company’s ability to satisfy its long-term obligations. So that, the leverage ratio is calculated as the relation of total borrowed assets to amount of internal capital and shows, how many units of borrowed funds were added by an enterprise to each unit of its own funding sources.

Recommended value for the considered indicator is less than 1. At the same time, the relation of borrowed and own funds cannot be negative, that is why the value of the ratio within the interval from 0 to 1 is one of the indicators of high ability of an enterprise to repay its liabilities.

Leverage ratio and solvency index of the largest on turnover manufacturers of leather and fur clothing in Russia, TOP-10
Name, INNRegionTurnover for 2012, in mln RUBLeverage ratio, (х)Solvency index GLOBAS-i®
1 AteleSalavat LLC
ИНН 274002257
Republic of Bashkortostan 36 0,12 212 (high)
ИНН 1435025108
Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 71 0,18 262 (high)
3 Gammamekh LLC
ИНН 7704725239
Moscow 256 0,8 199 (the highest)
4 firma Mekhovoi dvorik LLC
ИНН 4329014519
Kirov region 37 0,95 220 (high)
ИНН 5003026214
Moscow 40 3,47 244 (high)
6 Russky mekh OJSC
ИНН 7716080225
Moscow 398 3,85 200 (high)
ИНН 7723332829
Moscow 128 7,03 242 (high)
8 Mekhovaya kompaniya Irbis LLC
ИНН 2630801733
Stavropol territory 102 11,05 279 (high)
ИНН 7801227038
Saint-Petersburg 38 -11 112,11 273 (high)
10 Torgovy dom YarOMF LLC
ИНН 7602053242
Yaroslavl region 31 -7,54 329 (satisfactory)

The analysis of obtained results showed, that the leverage ratio of four from TOP-10 companies met specified standards: Atele Salavat LLC (0,12), SILUET PK (0,18), Gammamekh LLC (0,8) and firma Mekhovoi dvorik LLC. All companies got a high and the highest solvency index GLOBAS-i®, that characterizes them as financially stable.

manufacturers of leather and fur clothing

The enterprises ZETTA LLC, Russky mekh OJSC, ZHANETT LLC and Mekhovaya kompaniya Irbis LLC showed, by contrast, the values of the leverage ratio exceeding 1, i.e. above the recommended values. Such result can testify to excess borrowing, what can have an adverse effect on the solvency of organizations in the future. However, considering the combination of both financial and non-financial indicators all companies got a high solvency index GLOBAS-i®.

The enterprises ASTROSTIL – MEKHOVOI SALON LLC and Torgovy dom YarOMF LLC showed negative values of the leverage ratio (-11 112,11 and -7,54 respectively), that can testify to negative values in the structure of own capital of these firms. Even so, considering the combination of both financial and non-financial indicators the company ASTROSTIL – MEKHOVOI SALON LLC got a high solvency index GLOBAS-i®, reflecting the solvency level, which is characterized by the ability to pay off the liabilities in time and fully.

In summary, it could be noted, that for the objective assessment of a company it should be considered not only recommended values of those or other indicators, but also industry-average indicators.