Legislative changes

The Federal Law No. 156-FZ dated 26.05.2021 amended the Federal Law No. 99-FZ dated 04.05.2011 "On licensing certain types of activity". Service maintenance of weapons and military equipment has been established as a new type of activity that is subjected to mandatory licensing.

The law will come into force on November, 21 this year.

The requirement for mandatory license availability will not apply to legal relations that arose before the date of the law entry into force, in connection to relevant public contracts for maintenance of weapons and military equipment.

The law was developed by the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade in order to implement the Decree of the Russian Federation President No. 603 dated 07.05.2012 "On implementation of plans (programs) for construction and development of the Russian Federation Armed Forces, other troops, military formations and bodies and modernization of military-industrial complex»

Currently, there are more than 440.000 companies operating in Russia that carry out activities subjected to mandatory licensing. Users of the Information and Analytical system Globas are able to access all the available information about these companies.

Legislation amendments

The Federal Law No. 143-FZ dated 26.05.2021 amended the Federal Law "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs" and the Article 80 of the Fundamental Principles of Legislation of the Russian Federation on the Notariate.

In particular, the requirement for notarial attestation of powers of attorney while submitting documents for the state registration through the applicant's representatives (including couriers) is excluded.

According to the new rules set to come into force from August 25, 2021, the notaries who certified the authenticity of signatures on applications for state registration of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs are required to send independently the necessary information to the registration authorities in electronic form with a strengthened qualified signature.

All available data on more than 7 thousand notaries and notary chambers (including inactive) is available in the Information and Analytical system Globas.