The largest foreign companies owned by Russian business

The experience of investing of domestic companies in foreign enterprises is small, Russian investors are second to global transnational corporations in investment volume. However, since the 90s (the period of the formation of Russian business), many enterprises had both feet firmly on the ground and started opening offices abroad or buying foreign business by acquiring a share in capital.

Leaders in terms of the amount of investment in foreign assets are mainly companies of the fuel and energy sector. They own about 80% of Russian assets abroad.

The main direction of the expansion of Russian capital is Western Europe, whose economic ties with us are traditionally in the first place, regardless of the events on exchanges and in the political arena.

The rest of world's regions are not yet of a significant interest for domestic business.

Russia's investment activity, much less the growing expansion of China, as well as of some rich oil-producing Arab countries, is not welcomed by all. The signs of protectionism are increasingly coming out in Europe and the USA.

The companies, belonging to Russians, are not yet sufficiently large by world standards: the most significant of them, WINGAS (Germany), has revenue of 18 bln USD for 2017. For comparison, the revenue of the world's largest company in terms of turnover, Walmart (USA), is 500 bln USD for the same period.

Table 1 shows the largest foreign companies (TOP-10), whose the major part of capital (more than 50%) belongs to Russian business. From the rating are excluded: countries-offshores, as well as states and territories - low-tax jurisdictions.

Table 1. The largest foreign companies by revenue, owned by Russian business with more than 50% participation in the capital.
Company Country Revenue, bln USD, for 2017 Industry Parent company
or ultimate owner
1 WINGAS Germany 18.0 Fuel and energy sector GAZPROM PJSC
2 Isab Italy 3.6
(2016 г.)
Fuel and energy sector LUKOIL PJSC
3 Lukoil Neftohim Burgas Bulgaria 3.4 Fuel and energy sector LUKOIL PJSC
4 Beltransgaz Belarus 3.0
(2015 г.)
Fuel and energy sector GAZPROM PJSC
5 Gefco France France 2.8 Transport, logistics RUSSIAN RAILWAYS PJSC
6 Gazprom Marketing & Trading Limited Great Britain 2.8
(2016 г.)
7 Universal Cargo Logistics Holding Netherlands 2.5 Transport, logistics Lisin Vladimir Sergeevich
8 Uralkali Trading Latvia 2.5 Trade URALKALI PJSC
9 Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) Serbia 2.4 Fuel and energy sector GAZPROM NEFT PJSC
10 Oy Teboil Ab Finland 2.3 Fuel and energy sector LUKOIL PJSC
  • WINGAS GmbH - wholesale and storage of natural gas; supply of hydrocarbons to customers in Germany (more than 20% of the market), as well as in Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and other countries
  • Isab - is the third refinery in Europe in terms of throughput.
  • Lukoil Neftohim Burgas - is the largest oil refinery in the Balkan Peninsula, the main supplier of fuel to the domestic market of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Beltransgaz - gas supply to consumers of the Republic of Belarus; transit supplies of Russian natural gas to Kaliningrad region, as well as Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland.
  • Gefco France - transportation of components and finished vehicles.
  • Gazprom Marketing & Trading Limited – trade operations with energy commodities, including gas, electricity, oil and oil products, carbon credits, LNG and currency in the markets of Europe and the world
  • Universal Cargo Logistics Holding - cargo transportations by rail and water transport, their transshipment in Russian ports; services in logistics and shipbuilding.
  • Uralkali Trading - supplies of high-quality potassium chloride to consumers around the world, marketing functions and customer support in Europe and CIS countries.
  • Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) - oil and gas extraction and processing, sale of oil products, as well as implementation of projects in the field of energy and petro-chemistry.
  • Oy Teboil Ab – is the main manufacturer and supplier of lubricants in Finland.
Ancillary powers of the Central Bank of Russia

Amendments were made to the Federal Law «On Combating Unlawful Use of Insider Information and Market Manipulation and on Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation» by the Federal Law №310-FL from August 3, 2018.

According to the amendments, employees of the Central Bank of the RF (CB RF) are vested with rights of free access while carrying out investigations to the territories and facilities where investigated persons can be located or if there is overwhelming evidence that these persons are informed about investigated issues.

Exception is provided for territories and facilities of the Intelligence bodies and residence of physical persons.

Order, terms and particular characteristics of such investigations are prescribed by the Law. For example, terms of the general rules investigations should not exceed year and a half, and maximum term should not exceed 22 months. Besides, renewal or suspension periods are also included in maximum term.

According to the Annual Report of the CB RF, in 2017in regard to possible violations of regulated markets, 254 financial instruments were analyzed, 72 investigations regarding facts of possible unlawful use of insider information and market manipulation were accomplished, 12 cases of information disclosure were defined on violation of the legislation of the RF regarding combating unlawful use of insider information and market manipulation.