It will be possible to see industrial parks on the map

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is considering of creating a geographic information mapping system of industrial parks in Russia. Nowadays, there is over a hundred of such sites most of which form the Association of Industrial Parks.

Industrial park is a real estate facility complex ruled by a single operator (specialized holding company), consisting of the land plot or plots with the production, administration, warehouse and other spaces and facilities provided with energy sources, engineering and transport infrastructure and administrative law conditions for the siting of new operating departments.

The Ministry tends to introduce new technologies in management processes. In this case, the suggested idea of emap with the help of which investors will be able to find full information of each object and the conditions of siting in should be considered. According to their plans, the Unified Geographic Information System of Industrial Parks (GISIP) should start working in 2016.

A portal with the input, storage, systematization, analysis and graphical rendering system on a map of spatial data and related information should be the final output. As it is envisioned, the user should get detailed information according to its request on the investment sites suitable for him. That includes information about engineering infrastructure, distribution areas close to it and so on.

However, the experience has shown that such projects in the Russian Federation like GIS can be successfully implemented if there is an external operator of such system. Generally, these products for Ministries are non-core activity category and the updating of this system can come to formality on leftovers.

So, it would be logical to consider the practical activity of the Association of Industrial Parks, which already has the map in its portal showing the main characteristics of the investment parks forming it.

The Federation Council passed a legislative package concerning registration of legal entities in the Crimea

On October 29th the Federation Council passed amendments to legislation concerning rules of legal entities’ registration in the Crimea and Sevastopol. According to the approved changes, the executive bodies of these regions can regulate the registration of legal entities till January 1st, 2015 by themselves.

It bears reminding that the Crimea and Sevastopol were under the Ukrainian legislation till March of the current year. Many problems concerning registration and reregistration of legal entities have arisen after annexation of these regions by the Russian Federation.

With respect to the law, aspects of registration and reregistration of companies registered within the republic of the Crimea and the city with the federal status Sevastopol will be regulated by the normative legal acts of these regions till January 1 st, 2015. Moreover, the senators made amendments that lift restrictions on reregistration of legal entities with public-law participation in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation.

Nowadays, this prohibition extends to reregistration of legal entities whose standing executive body was located within the Crimea at the day of annexation of the republic by the RF and which property is in ownership of public-law body (state body) or legal entities with a state body as a member. It is expected that the normative legal acts of the Crimea and Sevastopol may be administered with reference to the companies before making a record in the EGRUL (Unified State Register of Legal Entities).

It is to be recalled that the President of Russia has earlier signed a law concerning integration of the Crimean legal entities into the Russian legal system. According to the passed law, the Crimean companies will start carrying out their activity in compliance with the Russian legislation immediately after making of a corresponding record in the EGRUL.