Net inflow into funds, which invest in Russian stocks, amounted to 32,7 mln dollars

It is observed the capital inflow on the Russian stock market after 10 weeks of negative dynamics. Total net cash inflow into funds, investing in Russian stocks, made about 3,3 mln dollars for the period from the 29th of January till the 4th of February of the current year. As a reminder, a week earlier this indicator had amounted to 32,7 mln dollars.

According to Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR – the company is engaged in the analysis of financial flows for financial institutions worldwide), the inflow into equity funds focused exclusively on Russia made 31,2 mln dollars within a week, decreased by 30%.

Along with that, the analysts note that the influx on the Russian stock market takes place against the background of general outflow of capital from emerging markets. This tendency can be explained by the fact that investors began increasingly to pay attention to the cheapness of the Russian stock market in regard to other emerging markets. Due to the depreciation of the ruble the Russian stocks look even more attractive in dollar terms.

The growth of the Russian stock market was also positively influenced by the increase in oil prices, fueled by news about reduction of investments in oil development, as well as by the strike of American refineries. The English-Dutch group Royal Dutch Shell had announced the decommissioning of oil field Brent in the North Sea, being one of the largest in the UK and which had given the name to the crude oil benchmark, that led to the price increase for black gold.

The experts also note that the current inflow on the Russian stock market can be regarded as a kind of compensation after the negative dynamics of previous months and warn against hasty conclusions.

Information and analytical System GLOBAS-i® was added with data file on legal entities and individual entrepreneurs of the Republic of Belarus.

152 391 Belarusian companies were totally added in the System and 113 610 of them are active. 406 097 individual entrepreneurs with 232 547 active were also added.

Key financial and economic indicators of 3085 companies are available. The System contains 47 000 balance sheets totally.

Daily updated Information and analytical System GLOBAS-i® currently contains data on more than 9 mln companies in Russia and their financial history for the last 20 years, as well as information on more than 7 mln individual entrepreneurs. There is data file on upward of 435 th companies in Kazakhstan, including 18 000 balance sheets. There are also more than 1.6 mln companies in Ukraine, 610 th and more of which have balance sheets. Taking into account the added data file, database of enterprises and individual entrepreneurs of Belorussia contains 560 th companies, including 3 th with balance sheets.