Profitability of management companies of housing and utilities

Information agency Credinform offers a ranking of the largest Russian enterprises of housing management sector. The companies with the largest volume of annual revenue (TOP-10) were selected for the ranking, according to the data from the Statistical Register for the latest available periods (2015 - 2017). Then they were ranked by equity turnover ratio (Table 1). The analysis is based on data of the Information and Analytical system Globas.

Net profit ratio (%) is calculated by dividing net profit (loss) by net sales and demonstrates the company’s profutablity of sales.

There is no statutory value for the ratio, that is why it is recommended to compare companies of the same industry or time-varying behavior of the ratio of a particular company. Negative value of indicators speaks for the company’s net loss. The higher is the indicator, the more efficiently the company operates.

The experts of the Information agency Credinform, taking into account the actual situation both in the economy as a whole and in sectors, have developed and implemented in the Information and Analytical system Globas the calculation of practical values of financial ratios that can be recognized as normal for a particular industry. For enterprises engaged in housing management the practical value of net profit ratio is from 1,03%.

For the most complete and objective view of the financial condition of the enterprise it is necessary to pay attention to the complex of indicators and financial ratios of the company.

Table 1. Net profit, revenue, product profitability ratio, solvency index Globas of the largest Russian companies of housing management sector (TOP-10)
Name, INN, region Revenue, mln RUB Net profit (loss), mln RUB Net profit ratio, % Net profit ratio, % Globas
2016 2017 2016 2017 2016 2017
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
LLC Management Company Housing systems of Krasnoyarsk
INN 2461201672
Krasnoyarsk territory
  2329,4   6744,0   -14,6   163,0   -0,63   2,42 249 Strong
LLC Management of social facilities
INN 8608053160
Khanty-Mansi autonomous district - Yugra
  2725,1   2778,5   107,7   55,6   3,95   2,00 234 Strong
JSC Luberetsky city housing trust
INN 5027130207
Moscow region
  2739,2   2989,6   11,1   49,5   0,41   1,65 210 Strong
LLC City Management Company - Krasnodar
INN 2311104687
Krasnodar territory
  4698,6   4926,7   4,5   7,2   0,10   0,15 230 Strong
LLC Management Company DEZ East residential area
INN 8602021147
Khanty-Mansi autonomous district - Yugra
  2415,8   2542,3   1,9   2,4   0,08   0,09 242 Strong
MUUP Chekhov district housing and utilities of Chekhov district
INN 5048052077
Moscow region
  2063,0   2341,8   -31,9   0,3   -1,55   0,01 212 Strong
MUUP GO Khimki, Moscow Region Directorate of a single customer
INN 5047054547
Moscow region
In process of reorganization in the form of merger of other legal entities since 20.11.2017
  3129,7   3098,7   -145,6   -69,2   -4,65   -2,23 325 Adequate
LLC Management of Housing and Utilities of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
INN 4101122429
Kamchatka territory
  3344,9   2820,7   -80,1   -75,2   -2,39   -2,67 378 Adequate
LLC Housing and Utilities Department of Tolyatti
INN 6321300279
Samara region
  3639,0   3346,5   17,6   -230,6   0,48   -6,89 333 Adequate
LLC Central administration for housing stock
INN 7704307993
A case of recognition the company bankrupt is considered
  10207,5   8278,4   -1 510,3   -2 815,9   -14,80   -34,02 550 Insufficient
Total for TOP-10 companies   37292,1   39867,4   -1639,7   -2912,9          
Average value for TOP-10 companies   3729,2   3986,7   -164,0   -291,3   -1,90   -3,95  
Industry average value   11,6   11,6   0,2   0,1   1,39   1,03  

   — growth of indicator to the previous period,    — decrease of indicator to the previous period.

Over the five-year period, the average size of the net assets of TOP-1000 companies tend to increase (Picture 1).

The average indicator of net profit ratio of TOP-10 companies is below the industry average. Seven companies of TOP-10 demonstrated the upside in 2017.

Picture 1. Net profit ratio and revenue of the largest Russian companies of housing management sector (TOP-10) Picture 1. Net profit ratio and revenue of the largest Russian companies of housing management sector (TOP-10)

Over the past 10 years, the industry average values of net profit ratio have a trend to decrease (Picture 2).

Picture 2. Change in the average industry values of net profit ratio of the largest Russian companies of housing management sector in 2008 – 2017 Picture 2. Change in the average industry values of net profit ratio of the largest Russian companies of housing management sector in 2008 – 2017
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