Changes in legislation

The Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation (hereinafter “the FTS”) charges for the provision of data and documents from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (hereinafter “EGRUL”) and the Unified State Register of Sole Entrepreneurs (hereinafter “EGRIP”).

This is regulated with the Federal Law No. 129-FL from August 8, 2001 “On the state registration of legal entities and sole entrepreneurs”, the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 462 from May 19, 2014 and the Administrative procedure of provision of the state service by the FTS approved by the Order of the FTS No. MMV-7-14/640@ from December 19, 2019.

The provision of services and documents is charged in the following cases and at the following rates:

Data or document Charge (RUB)
not urgent urgent (the next working day)
hard copy of data on a specified legal entity or sole entrepreneur 200 400
document on a specified legal entity or sole entrepreneur 200 400
letter of conformity or non-conformity of the requested personal data of an individual to the data contained in the state registers (cl. 6 art. 6 FL August 8,2001 No. 129-FL) 200 400
one-time provision of a soft copy of data (other than data on a certain legal entity) 50 000  
one-time provision of a soft copy of updated information (other than data on a certain legal entity) 50 000  
provision a soft copy of data (other than data on a certain legal entity) within the one-year subscription service for one user 150 000  

Extracts from EGRUL and EGRIP, as well as a letter about the absence of the requested information, are free of charge and provided in Portable Document Format (PDF) signed with the encrypted digital signature. These extracts are equal to hard copies sealed and verified with a handwritten signature of an official of the tax authority.

The users of the Information and Analytical system Globas have access to the full, relevant and up-to-date information about all legal entities and sole entrepreneurs in a spare moment, including via the mobile app.

Return on investment of hotels

Information agency Credinform represents a ranking of hotels in Russia. The hotel industry enterprises (TOP-10 and TOP-1000) with the largest annual revenue were selected for the ranking, according to the data from the Statistical Register and Federal Tax Service for the latest available accounting periods (2018 – 2020). Then they were ranked by return on investment ratio (ROI ratio) (Table 1). The selection and analysis were based on the data from the Information and Analytical system Globas.

Return on investment (%) is the ratio of net profit (loss) and net assets value. It demonstrates the return level from each ruble, received from the investments. In other words, it shows how many monetary units the company used to obtain one monetary unit of net profit.

The ratio is used for the assessment of fund raising at a certain interest.

In order to get the most comprehensive and fair picture of the financial standing of an enterprise, it is necessary to pay attention to all the combination of financial indicators and company’s ratios.

Table 1. Net profit (loss), revenue, ROI ratio, solvency index Globas of the hotels (TOP-10)
Name, INN, region Revenue, million RUB Net profit (loss), million RUB ROI, % Solvency index Globas
2019 2020 2019 2020 2019 2020
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
INN 7730121138 Moscow
down3 644,3 down1 834,2 down-18,0 down-1 067,6 down-2,63 up277,09 301 Adequate
JSC Mayak
INN 5047002651 Moscow region
up1 653,8 up4 794,3 up244,8 down-344,9 up38,84 up107,91 311 Adequate
INN 7702501346 Moscow
up1 950,5 down1 739,3 up397,5 down-2 829,3 down-28,18 up66,73 286 Medium
INN 2320238976 Krasnodar Territory
up3 351,7 down3 089,4 up280,0 down56,6 up443,05 down64,96 242 Strong
INN 7712098260 Moscow
down2 345,3 down1 716,6 up1 567,8 down-2 222,6 down-51,84 up46,23 281 Medium
INN 7808025538 Saint Petersburg
up4 923,4 down4 711,7 up-470,0 down-1 713,5 down11,74 up29,97 350 Adequate
INN 2312153550 Krasnodar Territory
up1 730,4 down1 664,2 down73,5 down-228,9 up-16,02 up29,56 277 Medium
JSC Krasnaya Polyana
INN 2320102816 Krasnodar Territory
up5 006,5 up5 075,3 up-2 312,8 down-2 499,0 down22,95 down19,87 307 Adequate
INN 7702347870 Moscow
up6 541,2 up6 770,1 up-3 719,9 up-2 714,5 down7,30 down5,06 298 Medium
INN 7704169180 Moscow
down3 466,9 down2 564,2 up855,9 down-1 115,3 up19,94 down-35,10 265 Medium
Average value for TOP-10 up3 461,4 down3 395,9 up-310,1 down-1 467,9 up44,51 up61,23  
Average value for TOP-1000 down216,3 down151,7 up5,0 down-44,6 down-18,71 up50,47  

вверх improvement compared to prior period, вниз decline compared to prior period

The average values of ROI ratio for TOP-10 and TOP-1000 companies are higher in 2020 than the values in the prior period. Four companies decreased the values in 2020, whereas in 2019 the decrease was recorded for six companies.

At the same time, only three companies could increase the revenue and only one - the net profit in 2020.

In average, the revenue decreased by 2% in TOP-10, and by 30% - in TOP-1000. Nine companies showed loss in 2020, whereas in 2019 there were four such companies. Loss in TOP-10 increased almost by a factor of 5.

In general, the average industry values of ROI ratio were among the negative ones within the last 10 years. The highest value was registered in 2011, the lowest – in 2017. (Picture 1).

Picture 1. Change of average industry values of ROI ratio of hotels in 2011 – 2020 Picture 1. Change of average industry values of ROI ratio of hotels in 2011 – 2020