Top-10 outsider companies of the year

Ending year was marked with the exit from the market of the large business representatives, operating in different economic sectors: from diamond mining to electronics multiple stores. Table 1 contains information about the largest companies in terms of revenue volume, started winding up procedure in 2019.

Companies entered liquidation both on voluntary basis, by taking decision by participants or shareholders, and by compulsory proceedings – as a result of bankruptcy. Liquidation in the form of reorganization (merging or acquisition) was not considered within this research.

In general, analysis of enterprises included in the ranking let define following reasons of winding up, that can be extrapolated to the economy:

  • winding up because of assets consolidation by shareholder;
  • loss of market because of competitive activity;
  • extreme niche specialization: affected by variable environment companies are not able to cross over to output other products/services;
  • inability to fulfill obligations to contractors;
  • reputational loss because of participation in illegal transactions.
Table 1. Top-10 companies of Russia, that are in the process of being wound up in 2019.
Rank Company Legal status Revenue, 2018 billion RUB Activity Main reason of winding up
1 JSC ALROSA - Nurba Process of being wound up, 13.11.2019 44,1 Development of new diamond fields of Nakyn kimberlite field Voluntary winding up by the decision of extraordinary shareholders` meeting. Market consolidation by parent company JSC ALROSA
2 LLC GAZPROM GAZENERGOSET Process of being wound up , 26.04.2019 20,2 Sale of oil, gas condensate of oil processed products Voluntary winding up by the decision of extraordinary shareholders` meeting. Market consolidation by parent company LLC GAZPROM MEZHREGIONGAZ
3 JSC ZHIROVOI COMBINAT Process of being wound up , 03.04.2019 19,9 Manufacture of mayonnaise sauce and margarine, ТМ Saratov provansal By sole shareholder was taken a decision on winding up because of the inability to pay debts to creditors: JSC Rosselkhozbank and LLC Rusagro group
4 JSC FOREIGN TRADE COMPANY FOODLINE Process of being wound up , 28.03.2019 7,3 Import of food products from EU countries Voluntary winding up by the decision of extraordinary shareholders` meeting. Food embargo, that Russia in 2014 imposed on western countries; 80% of business accounted for foreign contracts. As a result of counter sanctions revenue has more than three times decreased.
5 LLC BP KZ-KURSK Process of being wound up , 08.02.2019 6,7 Meat processing production Declared bankrupt
6 LLC INGKA SENTERS RUS PROPERTIE Process of being wound up , 19.11.2019 5,9 Interior design in IKEA multiple stores Voluntary winding up by the decision of extraordinary shareholders` meeting. Corruption charged (commercial bribery) of manager of the company
7 LLC KEY Process of being wound up, 28.06.2019 4,8 Saint-Petersburg electronics multiple stores KEY Voluntary winding up by the decision of extraordinary shareholders` meeting. Market consolidation by competitor of LLC DNS RETAIL (brand DNS)
8 LLC UNITED PRODUCTION COMPANY Process of being wound up, 10.12.2019 3,9 Supply of production equipment: cables, transmitters, automation devices -
9 LLC SK STRATEGIYA In Process of being wound up, 23.04.2019 3,9 Construction of accommodation units in Moscow Declared bankrupt
10 LLC VELES-GRUPP Process of being wound up, 18.07.2019 3,8 Distribution and logistics of basic goods for multiple stores Decision on winding up was taken by sole shareholder

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, companies are being wound up compulsorily by the decision of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. Main reason is non-delivery of tax accounts or non-correction of unreliable data to the Unified Register of Legal entities of Russia. However, this information concerns more shell or left off companies, and not active companies.

2019 results: 8 main updates in Globas

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New Year is a great occasion to sum-up the results and set new goals.
In 2019, we introduced a number of major updates to Globas, which daily help specialists analyze counterparties faster and more efficiently.

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Manually check of arbitration cases and enforcement proceedings of counterparties is a history now. Globas itself can analyzes the won and lost cases. It scans the enforcement proceedings for hopeless proceedings. It checks the sufficiency of funds to repay asserted claims and displays statistics on typical disputes.


An express assessment of counterparty’s related parties became possible due to a new analysis function for affiliated companies. For filters we collected and structured the most significant parameters of companies: liquidation within three years, bankruptcy of owners; tax debts; signs of multiple registrations and unreliability; controversial reporting and many others. Similar markers are planned to be applied also in other sections of Globas.


Meeting the requirements of Russian laws on identification and investigation of affiliated persons no longer takes much time. Globas shows both intermediate and ultimate owners, including abroad; builds cross-border beneficiaries links; estimates direct and indirect ownership interest.


Now it is possible to find out and check immediate competitors and leaders of the market, get analytics on activity type of a company with the help of updated section Analysis of competitive environment.


The problem of immediate estimation of a contractor under time pressure can be solved at a glance at section Globas indexes. Analytical model of Indexes is constantly improving, thereby, the estimation becomes extremely accurate. For instance, in 2019, analysis was completed with new characteristics of bankruptcy; the most dangerous debts on taxes and utility bills were analyzed; indicator of minimum average staff number was included.



Configure Monitoring using your own criteria to follow up only valuable information!

One of the most important counterparty analysis tool was fully updated and became more flexible and user-friendly.


Analyze the competitive environment in your own list of counterparties or competitors!

Filters in the lists can be adjusted with various parameters using the Grid. New tools will assist in fast identification of the closest Links between companies in the list.


Add company to compare using the search bar, select it from the bookmarks or recently viewed!

Comparison of companies helps to choose the best counterparty by an extensive list of financial and non-financial figures.

Globas offers all tools for online proper analysis of counterparties. In 2020, we will continue to develop tools and add new sources: new options to check the lists, updates of analytics and mobile application release are planned.

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