Provision on a new method of ensuring assets and property security has been introduced into the Civil Code of the Russian Federation

New organizational and legal form: personal fund

On March 1, 2022, a new organizational and legal form appeared as a tool for asset preservation and property management: a personal fund.

In accordance with the Federal Law No. 287-FZ dated 01.07.2021 and amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a personal fund can be founded by any citizen. Unlike hereditary, a personal fund guarantees that the business will continue to operate in the form conceived by the owner after the transfer of management to others.

A founder of a personal fund becomes an owner but cannot be its head. It is impossible to replace the founder or take a co-founder, except for a spouse with whom a common property is shared. The order of personal fund operation is determined by the charter. A founder has the right to create an urgent or indefinite personal fund. When creating a fund, the founder transfers his property to the organization free of charge in the amount of at least 100 million RUB. After that, the founder loses his rights to the transferred property.

In the future, the personal fund uses the property for conducting business activities by creating business companies and participating in them. Individuals and legal entities, except commercial enterprises, may be appointed as beneficiaries. The founder of a personal fund cannot be a beneficiary, unless it is provided for by the charter. Rights of beneficiaries of a personal fund cannot be transferred to creditors, heirs, or other persons. A fund may not have any beneficiaries at all, in which case all the income will go to its own development.

The founder of a personal fund bears subsidiary responsibility for its obligations, and the personal fund - for the obligations of its founder for 3 years from the date of creation, but no longer than 5 years in case of extension of the period by a court decision. The court is the only instance authorized to make decisions on amendments to the constituent documents of a personal fund after the death of its founder in cases where the operation of the organization becomes impossible under the existing conditions. The founder has the right to amend the charter and the terms of management. A decision to create a personal fund, a charter and terms of management must be notarized.

How API technology helps companies do business

API provides interaction between different departments of the company or access to third-party programs and data.

Without using API technology, information from one software is entered into another software manually. API, acting as an intermediary, connects two different programs, ensures the speed and simplicity of information processing, and reduces the influence of the human factor on the result of work.

Using API

API technology is widely used in telecom companies, it is increasingly being used in accounting, banking, trade, medicine, services, underwriting, risk management and other areas where speed and ease of working with data are important.

Risk managers get access to complete and reliable information about clients and use it to create the most accurate scoring model. Modern high-tech solutions for making forecasts are becoming available to underwriters. At the same time, the probability of error is minimized and the speed of work increases.

Most companies use API to improve the efficiency of work within the organization or to collect various data from external sources.

API development prospects

A total of 1,634.9 billion RUB is being invested in the national project "Digital Economy", implemented in Russia from 2019 to 2024. At the same time, API capabilities will be used for communication between services and companies.

The use of application programming interfaces significantly reduces the time for collecting and processing information, increasing the overall efficiency of companies. Using external services, it is possible to reduce the cost of developing owned software products.