Return on sales of manufacturers of fabricated rubber products in Russia

Credinform Information Agency prepared a ranking “Return on sales of manufacturers of fabricated rubber products (tyres, covers, inner tubes, etc.) in the Russian Federation”. For this ranking, we selected the fabricated rubber manufacturers with highest revenues in Russia; then, these producers were ranked upon “return on sales” index.

This financial indicator is one of profitability indices that characterize operating efficiency of a company. These indices are interesting first of all for investors and owners, since they characterize the efficiency of production and business activity and show, how much net profit the enterprise gets from one ruble of sales. In particular, the considered index – return on sales – is a ratio of net profit to the amount of revenues from all kinds of sales, and demonstrates the share of net profit in sales volume of the enterprise. Recommended value of the considered index changes depending on the industries. In this case this index shall be between 0 and 5.

Solvency index and return on sales of fabricated rubber products manufacturers with highest turnover 
NNameINNTurnover in 2011, ml rub.Return on salesSolvency index
1 Kordiant-Vostok CJSC 5506024164 2,894.57 -3.137 278 (high)
2 Nizhnekamskshina OJSC 1651000027 23,765.53 0.132 267 (high)
3 Ural Fabricated Rubber Products Factory OJSC 6664002550 2,329.06 1.274 281 (high)
4 Voltyre-Prom OJSC 3435900531 7,015.56 1.415 238 (high)
5 AvtoShinnaya Company LLC 2466084120 4,524.38 1.639 229 (high)
6 Omskshina OJSC 5506007419 11,844.30 3.148 199 (highest)
7 Yaroslavl Tyre Factory awarded with Lenin Order and October Revolution Order OJSC 7601001509 7,794.49 5.020 225 (high)
8 Kurskrezinotekhnika OJSC 4632001454 4,958.73 7.598 184 (highest)
9 MICHELIN Russian Tyre Production Company LLC 5073007462 15,994.45 8.169 234 (high)
10 Nokian Tyres LLC 4703073810 15,691.32 19.033 187 (highest)

All companies from the top-ten with highest turnover were assigned by Credinform Agency with highest and high solvency index, which proves the efficiency of their business activity.

Return on sales index of Kordiant-Vostok CJSC is negative; however, other financial indicators speak for a high solvency of the company, which is proved by high GLOBAS-i index. Return on sales indices of Nizhnekamskshina OJSC, Ural Fabricated Rubber Products Factory OJSC, Voltyre-Prom OJSC, AvtoShinnaya Company LLC and Omskshina OJSC match with standard ratios in the fabricated rubber products industry.

Yaroslavl Tyre Factory awarded with Lenin Order and October Revolution Order OJSC, Kurskrezinotekhnika OJSC, MICHELIN Russian Tyre Production Company LLC and Nokian Tyres LLC exceeded the recommended return on sales index.

For retaining the market sustainability and ensuring the opportunities for further development, these enterprises need to pay more attention to return on sales, as well as to manage their liabilities structure more efficiently.


Distribution of oil refinement capacities

Currently, the oil refinement industry is assumed to be consolidated and includes 27 major oil refineries (ORs) and over 200 mini-ORs. At the same time, about 90% of oil refinement capacities are controlled by 10 vertically-integrated oil and gas companies (VIOGC).

Total oil refinement capacities of VIOGC, ml tons
Controlling shareholderNumber of enterprisesRefinement capacities (ml tons)
Rosneft 7 54.3
Gazprom/Gazprom-Neft 3/2 20.4/32.15
Lukoil 4 48.4
AFK Sistema/Bashneft 3  24.2
TNK-VR 2 23.5
Surgutneftegaz 1 22.0
Slavneft 1 18.0
Tatneft 2 15.0
RussNeft 2 9.6
Neftegazindustria 1 5.3
NK Alliance 1 4.4
VK Industrial Limited 1 2.5
Yug-Energo 1 2.5
BarossaLimited 1 1.3
Total 32 283.46

According to the data provided by the companies and the evaluated by IA Credinform.

What concerns regional distribution of oil refinement companies, according to the analytical survey of Credinform “Engineering services providers in oil refinement sphere in Russia”, the leader with the highest capacities is the Volga Federal District, followed by the Central Federal District and concluded by the Siberian District.

Regional distribution of oil refinement capacities
Federal DistrictRegionRefinement capacities (ml tons)
Volga FD Republic of Bashkortostan 33.3
Samara Region 23.4
Nizhny Novgorod Region 19.0
Republic of Tatarstan 15.0
Perm Region 12.4
Orenburg Region 6.6
Saratov Region 6.5
Mary-El Republic 1.3
Total 117.5
Central FD Yaroslavl Region 18.0
Ryazan Region 17.0
Moscow Region 12.15
Total 47.15
Siberian FD Omsk Region 20.0
Irkutsk Region 11.0
Krasnoyarsk Territory 7.46
Total 38.46
Southern FD Krasnodar Territory 12.65
Volgograd Territory 11.0
Astrakhan Territory 3.3
Rostov Territory 2.5
Total 29.45
Northwestern FD Leningrad Region 22.0
Komi Republic 6.0
Total 28.0
Far Eastern FD Khabarovsk Territory 12.4
Ural FD   KhMAO 8.0
Tyumen Region 2.75
Total 10.5
Total   283.46